Frequently asked questions

What information is included when I copy listings between shops?
When you copy listings from one shop to another, ALL information from the original listing will be reflected in the copied listing. However, if attributes do not exist in the original listings but are required to publish the copied listings, these attributes will not be included. Still, they can be updated, both in bulk or individually, within the copied listings before publishing.
Do listings automatically publish after being copied?
No. Once you copy listings, they will first be sent to the COPY section within the shop you published them to. From here, you can make any updates needed, both in bulk or individually, before publishing.
What do the "Complete" and "Incomplete" badges next to titles of copied listings mean?
When you copy listings between channels, they will first appear within the COPY status in Vela and be marked as either "Complete" (Green) or "Incomplete" (Red). If a copy listing is marked "Incomplete," it means that the listing contains errors and/or missing information that needs to be updated in order to publish the listing. The issues will be highlighted in both the bulk edit and listings details pages. Once all outstanding issues have been addressed, the listing will be marked "Complete" and can be published.
Can I copy listings within the same shop?
Yes. In addition to copying and publishing listings between shops, it's definitely possible to copy and publish listings within the same shop. This can be particularly useful for sellers with several listings but a standard template that varies slightly from listing to listing.
Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be copied at once?
There is no limit to the number of listings that can be copied at once, but copying more listings will increase the time it takes to complete the process. When publishing copy listings from Vela to the channel, there are no limits either. However, all channels impose rate limits on the number of listings that can be published per shop, every minute, hour, and day. To avoid hitting these limits, start by publishing 500 listings at a time or less, especially if the listings contain a large number of variations/options.