Frequently asked questions

What is Vela Create?
Vela Create makes creating and publishing new listings for single or multiple shops easier than ever before. It is possible to create new listings from scratch or create Listings Profiles that can be used to create as many listings as you wish. As new channels are integrated, Vela Create will make it even easier to list products across multiple shops.
What are Listings Profiles, and what benefits do they provide?
Variations and Tags Profiles are among Vela’s most popular features, and Listings Profiles take these benefits even further. Users can create Listings Profiles containing as much information as they wish for as many channels as they like and then use these Profiles to quickly create new listings. For example, suppose you sold t-shirts and had 500 unique listings for both Etsy and Shopify. In that case, you could create one Listings Profile with all the information that will be consistent for all listings (e.g. Description, Tags, Variations, Pricing, Shipping). The Listings Profiles could then be used to create new multi-channel listings, and you would only need to update the unique attributes for each listing (e.g. Photos, Title).
What is the Vela Tab?
When you create a multi-shop listing in Vela Create, you will notice the Vela Tab included for several attributes. The Vela Tab is included for those attributes (e.g Photos, Title, Description) that exist across both shops, and you may wish to enter the same information for each. If so, you can make those updates within the Vela Tab, and all shops included in the listings will be updated.