Frequently asked questions

How do I perform updates in Vela?
The videos you'll find within our Community Center provide detailed, step-by-step instructions showing exactly how to perform every type of update that can be performed in Vela. For all "Listings" updates, there are six basic steps. (1) Select the listings you wish to update from the main listings page, (2) Click "Edit listings", (3) Click the section in which you'd like to perform updates on the left-hand sidebar, (4) Perform updates, (5) Click "Apply" (Note: Bulk edits only), and (6) Click "Sync updates"
Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once?
While there is no limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once in Vela, all channels impose rate limits on the number of updates that can be performed per shop, every minute, hour, and day. Most users will never hit these limits, but if you have more than 2,500 listings in your shop and/or a large number of variations/options per listing, then it would be best to update 500 listings at a time or less to start. If everything works as expected, then you can update more listings at a time from there.
How long does it take for updates to sync from Vela to the channel?
After performing your updates and clicking "Sync updates," a sync status indicator will appear at the top of your screen, allowing you to monitor progress until the sync is complete. The time it takes for an update to sync will depend on the number of listings selected and the type and amount of updates performed, but in general, most updates will complete syncing in seconds to minutes.
Can I create new listings in Vela?
Definitely! In addition to editing existing listings, both in bulk and individually, you can create and publish new listings directly in Vela.
Does Vela charge any fees for new listings created and published in the platform?
No. Etsy charges $0.20 to publish a new listing in Etsy, so if a new listing is published in Vela, the same $0.20 fee will be charged to your Etsy account, but Vela receives no portion. Shopify does not charge a fee to publish new listings, so neither does Vela.