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Powerful tools allowing sellers to save time and boost productivity
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  • Vela Create
  • Bulk editing
  • Single listing editing
  • Copy listings
  • Delete listings
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Advanced tools empowering sellers to optimize listings and increase sales
$10 / month
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  • All Vela Lite features
  • Cross channel copy
  • Scheduled updates
  • Profiles
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect multiple shops to the same Vela account?
Definitely! At this point, we support Etsy and Shopify but will be integrating several more channels, and you will always be able to connect as many shops as you like to the same Vela account.
Do I have to select a plan for each shop?
Yes. Pricing is based per shop, not per Vela account, so if you were to connect three shops, you would have to select a plan for each.
Can I choose different plans for each shop?
Yes. Each shop is billed separately, so if you connected two shops, one could be on Vela Lite, and the other could be on Vela Plus.
Can I switch plans at any time?
Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel plans for any shop at any time. Billing occurs monthly, so if you downgrade or cancel, you will continue to receive access for the remainder of the billing cycle.
Do I receive a one-week free trial for each shop?
Yes. Every time you connect a new shop, you will receive full access to all functionality for an entire week.
Does Vela sell or share my data with anyone else?
Absolutely not! All data collected is securely managed by Vela and is only used to support the platform’s stated functionality.
I have more questions. Who should I contact?
Feel free to reach out at any time via, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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