Frequently asked questions

Where do I find Vela's AI-enabled features?
Vela's AI-enabled features are conveniently located throughout the interface, identifiable by a green "magic-wand" icon. Wherever this icon is present, you'll discover an AI-enabled feature designed to automatically generate brand new attribute data or modify/update existing attribute data.
How does the AI work? Is it optimized for the channels or for SEO?
Vela's AI is meticulously engineered and tuned to adhere to ecommerce best practices, specifically optimizing for the marketplaces themselves. It analyzes existing information within your shop and listings, proposing context-specific updates. As Vela's AI continually receives user input, the features will become increasingly powerful and effective to make it easier than ever to create excellent listings.
Can I bulk edit my listings with AI?
Currently, the AI-enabled features are designed for individual edits. However, Vela plans to enable bulk-editing capabilities for some AI features in the future, alongside the development of new AI-enabled features. Currently subscribed users will always get first access to all new features.
What do the AI features actually do?
AI-enabled features cover Title, Description, Alt-Text, and Tags. The AI automatically generates new titles, descriptions, Alt-Text, and Tags based on your shop and listing data. It can adjust title and description length, incorporate holiday/promotion-specific language, generate new Alt-Text, and automatically add or replace tags, among other functionalities.
What are the use-cases for Vela's AI, when should I use it?
Vela's AI is beneficial for tasks such as improving spelling and grammar in titles, increasing or decreasing their length and descriptiveness, or streamlining verbosity. It's especially useful when you need fresh ideas, lack time for crafting new descriptions or tags, etc. Vela's AI streamlines these processes, allowing you to focus on your business.