Getting started

Can I connect multiple shops to the same Vela account?
Yes, you can easily connect as many shops as you'd like to your Vela account. Many users manage dozens of shops. Please note that each shop can only be linked to a single Vela account. If a shop is connected to another Vela account, you may need to reassign it to your new account, which is something our team can help you with.
Do I have to upgrade or subscribe all of my shops?
You'll need to subscribe each shop you want to use Vela with, including those you wish to copy listings to. All newly connected shops receive a 7-day free trial, and subscriptions are month-to-month, based on listing count. You can unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time with no long-term committment.
Is there a limit to the number of shops that can be connected to a Vela account?
You can connect up to 80 shops to a single Vela account, which is a rare scenario! If you anticipate connecting more than 30 shops for your business needs, please contact us, and we'll assist you in setting up your account properly.
What is Vela's pricing?
All new shops get started with a 7-day free trial with no long-term obligation. After that Vela starts at $10 USD per shop, and is billed monthly, based on listing count. Subscriptions include access to all features, and can be paused or canceled at any time. You can learn more about Vela's pricing here:
Will new listings created and updates performed directly in the channels reflected in Vela?
Absolutely! Any new listings or edits made directly in your shop will be reflected in Vela when you refresh your shop or publish new listings/updates from Vela. We recommend refreshing your shop within Vela every 24 hours for optimal alignment.
Can I schedule future updates in Vela?
Absolutely! You can schedule updates for both individual listings and in bulk, up to 30 days in advance. Scheduled updates automatically sync and apply to your shop at the designated time and date, and allow you to make updates to all attributes that you wish. No need to be logged in or online; once scheduled in Vela, updates run automatically.
How does Vela protect my data?
Rest assured, Vela follows marketplace requirements and best practices to safeguard your data. Your data is never shared, sold, or made accessible to anyone else. We also utilize Stripe as our payment platform to secure your credit card details.
What is your Privacy Policy?
Vela Labs, Inc. Privacy Policy Vela "the App” provides content management functionality and more "the Service" to merchants who use Shopify to power their stores. This Privacy Policy describes how personal information is collected, used, and shared when you install or use the App in connection with your Shopify-supported store. Personal Information the App Collects When you install the App, we are automatically able to access certain types of information from your Shopify account: store analytics, locations, reports, price rules, products, product listings, inventory, and collections. We collect personal information directly from the relevant individual, through your Shopify account, or using the following technologies: “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier. For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit “Log files” track actions occurring on the Site, and collect data including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and date/time stamps. “Web beacons,” “tags,” and “pixels” are electronic files used to record information about how you browse the Site. How Do We Use Your Personal Information? We use the personal information we collect from you and your customers in order to provide the Service and to operate the App. Additionally, we use this personal information to: Communicate with you; Optimize or improve the App; and Provide you with information or advertising relating to our products or services. Your Rights If you are a European resident, you have the right to access personal information we hold about you and to ask that your personal information be corrected, updated, or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us through the contact information below. Additionally, if you are a European resident we note that we are processing your information in order to fulfill contracts we might have with you (for example if you make an order through the Site), or otherwise to pursue our legitimate business interests listed above. Additionally, please note that your information will be transferred outside of Europe, including to Canada and the United States. Data Retention When you place an order through the Site, we will maintain your Order Information for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information. Changes We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Contact Us For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at


Where do I find Vela's AI-enabled features?
Vela's AI-enabled features are conveniently located throughout the interface, identifiable by a green "magic-wand" icon. Wherever this icon is present, you'll discover an AI-enabled feature designed to automatically generate brand new attribute data or modify/update existing attribute data.
How does the AI work? Is it optimized for the channels or for SEO?
Vela's AI is meticulously engineered and tuned to adhere to ecommerce best practices, specifically optimizing for the marketplaces themselves. It analyzes existing information within your shop and listings, proposing context-specific updates. As Vela's AI continually receives user input, the features will become increasingly powerful and effective to make it easier than ever to create excellent listings.
Can I bulk edit my listings with AI?
Currently, the AI-enabled features are designed for individual edits. However, Vela plans to enable bulk-editing capabilities for some AI features in the future, alongside the development of new AI-enabled features. Currently subscribed users will always get first access to all new features.
What do the AI features actually do?
AI-enabled features cover Title, Description, Alt-Text, and Tags. The AI automatically generates new titles, descriptions, Alt-Text, and Tags based on your shop and listing data. It can adjust title and description length, incorporate holiday/promotion-specific language, generate new Alt-Text, and automatically add or replace tags, among other functionalities.
What are the use-cases for Vela's AI, when should I use it?
Vela's AI is beneficial for tasks such as improving spelling and grammar in titles, increasing or decreasing their length and descriptiveness, or streamlining verbosity. It's especially useful when you need fresh ideas, lack time for crafting new descriptions or tags, etc. Vela's AI streamlines these processes, allowing you to focus on your business.


How do I perform bulk edits and updates in Vela?
"For ""Listings"" updates, our Community Center offers detailed, step-by-step video instructions. To access the bulk editing features, follow these six basic steps: 1) Select the listings you wish to update from the main listings page 2) Click ""Edit listings"" 3) Navigate to the section where you'd like to perform updates on the left-hand sidebar 4) Make your updates 5) Click ""Apply"" (Note: For bulk edits only) 6) Click ""Sync updates"""
Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once?
While there's no specific limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once in Vela, channels impose rate limits on updates per shop within a given period of time. Most users won't encounter these limits, but if you have over 2,500 listings or numerous variations/options per listing, consider updating 500 listings at a time or less initially. If all goes well, you can increase the number of listings to update.
How long does it take for updates to sync from Vela to the channel?
After performing updates and clicking "Sync updates," a sync status indicator will appear. The time for updates to sync depends on the number of listings and the type and amount of updates. In general, most updates will sync in in just a few moments. For very large updates (500+ listings or many listings including variations), the process can take up to 24 hours if rate limits are triggered. Once started, Vela ensures your updates go live as swiftly as marketplace rate limits allow.
Can I bulk edit or bulk add video to my listings?
Yes! Vela supports the ability to bulk add video to all of your listings. You can also bulk replace, delete, and rearrange videos in accordance with the marketplace requirements.
Can I bulk edit or bulk add photos to my listings?
Yes. Vela supports the ability to bulk add photos to all of your listings, including the capability to bulk replace, delete, and rearrange your photos in accordance with the marketplace requirements. This also includes the ability to edit Alt-Text, both individually and in-bulk.
Does Vela charge any fees for new listings created and published in the platform?
No, Vela doesn't charge any fees for creating and publishing new listings. While Etsy charges $0.20 to publish a new listing on their platform, this fee is directly applied to your Etsy account, and Vela receives no portion. Shopify, does not charge a fee for publishing new listings.
What is the Vela Tab?
When you create a multi-shop listing in Vela Create, you will notice the Vela Tab included for several attributes. The Vela Tab is included for those attributes (e.g Photos, Title, Description) that exist across both shops, and you may wish to enter the same information for each. If so, you can make those updates within the Vela Tab, and all shops included in the listings will be updated.


Can I create new listings in Vela?
Absolutely! In addition to editing existing listings, both individually and in bulk, you can effortlessly create and publish new listings directly within Vela for any of the supported channels.
What information is included when I copy listings between shops?
When you copy listings from one shop to another, ALL information from the original listing will be reflected in the copied listing. However, if attributes do not exist in the original listings but are required to publish the copied listings, these attributes will not be included. Still, they can be updated, both in bulk or individually, within the copied listings before publishing to make them ready.
Do listings automatically publish after being copied?
No. Copied listings are first sent to the COPY section within the destination shop. You can make any necessary updates before publishing. For Etsy listings, please note the $0.20/listing fee, which is controlled and charged by Etsy, not Vela.
What do the "Complete" and "Incomplete" badges next to titles of copied listings mean?
When copying between channels, listings in the COPY section are marked "Complete" (Green) or "Incomplete" (Red). "Incomplete" indicates errors or missing information that needs addressing before the listing is ready for publication.
Can I copy listings within the same shop?
Certainly! Besides copying between shops, you can copy and publish listings within the same shop, which is particularly useful for sellers with listings they want to repurpose by creating duplicates.
Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be copied at once?
There is no specific limit to the number of listings that can be copied at once. However, copying more listings will increase the time needed to complete the process. When publishing copied listings from Vela to a channel, there are no set limits. Nevertheless, keep in mind that channels have rate limits on the number of listings that can be published per shop in a given period of time. To avoid exceeding these limits, it's advisable to start by publishing 500 listings at a time or less, especially if the listings involve numerous variations/options.


What are Variations Profiles and what benefits do they provide?
Variations Profiles are incredibly beneficial for sellers managing multiple listings with the same variations/options. For instance, if you have 500 unique listings, each offering the same "Size" and "Color" options, creating a Variations Profile allows you to update a single profile, and those updates will be applied to all connected listings. Prices, quantities, and SKUs can also be included within profiles.
What are Tags Profiles and what benefits do they provide?
Tags Profiles are especially valuable for sellers managing numerous listings with the same tags. For instance, if you have 500 unique listings, each containing the same 10 tags, creating a Tags Profile enables you to apply it to all 500 listings without the need to reenter or copy tags individually. Updates to the Tags Profile will automatically be reflected in all connected listings.
What are Listings Profiles, and what benefits do they provide?
Listing Profiles elevate the "Profile" concept, allowing you to create a template defining every attribute necessary for a new listing. This streamlines the creation of new listings, making it faster and more efficient. For example, if you need to create 100 new listings with identical details like price, shipping, description, title, and variations, a Listing Profile provides a near-complete foundation for easy editing and iteration.
Does applying a profile overwrite my existing data?
Yes. Applying a profile will overwrite existing data on an existing listing. For instance, if a listing has existing variations and prices, applying a Variations Profile with new/different variations and pricing will replace the original data. Ensure careful application, and note that listing data cannot be reversed or restored after a profile is applied. If you wish to make updates to a profile without it effecting certain listings, you will first need to disconnect those listings from the profile.
Can I delete my profiles?
Yes. You can delete Variations Profiles, Tags Profiles, and Listings Profiles whenever you wish. Note that deleting the profile will NOT delete the listings, just the profile itself. You can remove listings from a profile by going into the profile itself, where you will find the option to disconnect listings.
Can I restore old listings, or reverse a profile after applying one?
No. Vela does not currently store old listings or listing history. Once a change is made, the only way to restore or revert is to make necessary edits, either in bulk or individually.
Is there a limit to the number of Profiles that I can create?
No. You can make as many profiles as you wish, Vela users with a subscription have unrestricted access. However, to avoid syncing issues related to marketplace rate-limits, it is recommended to attach no more than 500 listings to a single profile. To ensure efficient operation, make copies of profiles when necessary to add additional listings, a straightforward process within Vela.
Can I apply a Listings Profile to my existing listings?
No. While Variations Profiles and Tags Profiles can be applied to existing listings, Listings Profiles can only be used for the creation of new listings. In the future when you make edits and updates to any of your profiles, those updates will automatically reflect in all the connected listings.
Is there a limit to the number of listings I can connect to a profile?
While you can connect as many listings as you want to an individual profile, for swift syncs and updates without running into rate-limit issues, it's advised to add no more than 500 listings to a profile. For listings with many variations, even fewer listings are recommended. Copying a profile easily allows you to connect additional listings, splitting them into more manageable batches for more seamless updates and refreshes.


What edits can I perform in Vela's Photo Editor?
Vela's ecommerce optimized photo editor provides powerful features such as background removal and replacement, adding filters, text, banners, and creating new scenes. Standard tools like levels-adjustments, blurring, and cropping are also available, akin to those found in leading professional photo editing tools.
Is there a limit to the number of photos I can store in the Photo Library?
You can store an unlimited number of photos in the Photo Library. However, keep in mind that you need to upload these photos, a process that can be done both in bulk and individually. Once uploaded, you have the freedom to organize, manage in folders, make edits, and apply them to any connected listings.
Can I edit multiple photos at once using the Photo Editor?
While you can edit all the photos on an individual listing simultaneously and within the same session, Vela does not currently offer the capability to bulk edit the photos themselves in the photo editor. This feature is planned for future development.
Can I add text or banners in the Photo Editor?
Certainly! In the Photo Editor, you can add text to your photos, along with customizable banners and stickers. Vela offers optimally designed banners and stickers for further personalization, allowing you to create effective and eye-catching listings.
How do I search for photos in the Photo Editor?
To search for photos in the Photo Editor, you can search by title or SKU, then select the listing you wish to edit. Once selected, you'll have the ability to edit all the photos currently connected to that listing in the same session.
Can I remove or replace backgrounds in the Photo Editor?
Yes. Vela's photo editor can automatically remove even complex backgrounds to highlight your product. It also provides the capability to easily replace and update the background with a new image or a simple color background.
Can I download or upload my photos in bulk?
Yes. You have the flexibility to upload and download photos to and from the Photo Library both in bulk and individually.