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Frequently asked questions

How do I perform bulk edits and updates in Vela?
"For ""Listings"" updates, our Community Center offers detailed, step-by-step video instructions. https://getvela.com/community To access the bulk editing features, follow these six basic steps: 1) Select the listings you wish to update from the main listings page 2) Click ""Edit listings"" 3) Navigate to the section where you'd like to perform updates on the left-hand sidebar 4) Make your updates 5) Click ""Apply"" (Note: For bulk edits only) 6) Click ""Sync updates"""
Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once?
While there's no specific limit to the number of listings that can be updated at once in Vela, channels impose rate limits on updates per shop within a given period of time. Most users won't encounter these limits, but if you have over 2,500 listings or numerous variations/options per listing, consider updating 500 listings at a time or less initially. If all goes well, you can increase the number of listings to update.
How long does it take for updates to sync from Vela to the channel?
After performing updates and clicking "Sync updates," a sync status indicator will appear. The time for updates to sync depends on the number of listings and the type and amount of updates. In general, most updates will sync in in just a few moments. For very large updates (500+ listings or many listings including variations), the process can take up to 24 hours if rate limits are triggered. Once started, Vela ensures your updates go live as swiftly as marketplace rate limits allow.
Can I bulk edit or bulk add video to my listings?
Yes! Vela supports the ability to bulk add video to all of your listings. You can also bulk replace, delete, and rearrange videos in accordance with the marketplace requirements.
Can I bulk edit or bulk add photos to my listings?
Yes. Vela supports the ability to bulk add photos to all of your listings, including the capability to bulk replace, delete, and rearrange your photos in accordance with the marketplace requirements. This also includes the ability to edit Alt-Text, both individually and in-bulk.
Does Vela charge any fees for new listings created and published in the platform?
No, Vela doesn't charge any fees for creating and publishing new listings. While Etsy charges $0.20 to publish a new listing on their platform, this fee is directly applied to your Etsy account, and Vela receives no portion. Shopify, does not charge a fee for publishing new listings.
What is the Vela Tab?
When you create a multi-shop listing in Vela Create, you will notice the Vela Tab included for several attributes. The Vela Tab is included for those attributes (e.g Photos, Title, Description) that exist across both shops, and you may wish to enter the same information for each. If so, you can make those updates within the Vela Tab, and all shops included in the listings will be updated.