Frequently asked questions

Can I connect multiple shops to the same Vela account?
Definitely! At this point, we support Etsy and Shopify but we'll be integrating several more channels (e.g. Amazon, ebay, WooCommerce), and you will always be able to connect as many shops as you like to the same Vela account.
Is there a limit to the number of shops that can be connected to a Vela account?
No. A shop can only be connected to one Vela account, but you can connect as many shops to the same Vela account as you like. At this point, we support Etsy and Shopify, but as more channels are integrated, you will be able to connect shops from those channels to your existing Vela account as well.
What is the difference between Vela Lite and Vela Plus?
The "Pricing" page on our main website provides a full overview of the features included in both plans. To summarize, both plans provide full access to all Listings functionality, but Vela Plus offers access to more advanced features including, Profiles, Copy, and Photos.
Do I have to upgrade each shop?
Yes, but only those you wish to use in Vela. To clarify, you will receive a one-week free trial for each new shop. To retain access after the trial, you will need to upgrade the shop to either Vela Lite or Vela Plus. Billing is per shop, month-to-month, and plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time.
Will new listings created and updates performed directly in the channels reflected in Vela?
Yes. The "Refresh shop" video covers this in detail, but every time you perform and sync an update from Vela to the channel, we automatically import any changes that have occurred in the channel into Vela. You can also prompt a complete refresh at any time by clicking "Refresh shop" on the main listings page.
Does Vela sell or share my data with anyone else?
Absolutely not! All data collected is securely managed by Vela and is only used to support the platform’s stated functionality.