Frequently asked questions

What edits can I perform in Vela's Photo Editor?
Vela's ecommerce optimized photo editor provides powerful features such as background removal and replacement, adding filters, text, banners, and creating new scenes. Standard tools like levels-adjustments, blurring, and cropping are also available, akin to those found in leading professional photo editing tools.
Is there a limit to the number of photos I can store in the Photo Library?
You can store an unlimited number of photos in the Photo Library. However, keep in mind that you need to upload these photos, a process that can be done both in bulk and individually. Once uploaded, you have the freedom to organize, manage in folders, make edits, and apply them to any connected listings.
Can I edit multiple photos at once using the Photo Editor?
While you can edit all the photos on an individual listing simultaneously and within the same session, Vela does not currently offer the capability to bulk edit the photos themselves in the photo editor. This feature is planned for future development.
Can I add text or banners in the Photo Editor?
Certainly! In the Photo Editor, you can add text to your photos, along with customizable banners and stickers. Vela offers optimally designed banners and stickers for further personalization, allowing you to create effective and eye-catching listings.
How do I search for photos in the Photo Editor?
To search for photos in the Photo Editor, you can search by title or SKU, then select the listing you wish to edit. Once selected, you'll have the ability to edit all the photos currently connected to that listing in the same session.
Can I remove or replace backgrounds in the Photo Editor?
Yes. Vela's photo editor can automatically remove even complex backgrounds to highlight your product. It also provides the capability to easily replace and update the background with a new image or a simple color background.
Can I download or upload my photos in bulk?
Yes. You have the flexibility to upload and download photos to and from the Photo Library both in bulk and individually.